Real-time location systems (RTLS) can provide a novel approach to monitoring in-hospital patient activity, which can be beneficial in postoperative recovery. Our study titled “Feasibility of real-time location systems in monitoring recovery after major abdominal surgery” published in the journal Surgical Endoscopy, investigated the feasibility of using RTLS to objectively track postoperative patient mobilization. We found that RTLS tracking is capable of detecting a simulated movement out of a room with sensitivity of 91% and specificity 100% 1. Moreover, RTLS patient tracking had both 100% sensitivity and specificity in detecting out-of-room ambulation and correlated well with direct observation and patient-reported ambulation.  We concluded that RTLS is a novel technology capable of objectively and accurately monitoring patient movement and provides an innovative approach to promoting early mobilization after surgery.  It can provide an objective measure of patient movement, which can help healthcare providers monitor patients’ progress and adjust their care plans accordingly. This may lead to better outcomes for our patients, including shorter hospital stays and fewer complications.

Real-time Location Systems Revolutionize Patient Care
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