The FDA has alerted the public that biotin can significantly interfere with laboratory tests and cause incorrect laboratory results including the pancreatic cancer marker CA 19-9. Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a water-soluble vitamin found in multi-vitamins, prenatal vitamins and dietary supplements. Biotin can promote hair, skin, and nail growth.


People who ingest high levels of Biotin may have incorrect laboratory tests. CA 19-9 results may be falsely high or falsely low. CA 19-9 is a key laboratory test in the screening and monitoring of pancreatic cancer.

Our recommendations:

  • Read the label. Many skin care supplements can contain biotin.
  • Discuss your supplements and vitamins with your provider and understand how they might interfere with laboratory tests.
  • Stop taking any biotin containing supplements and vitamins prior to testing for CA 19-9.
FDA Warns Biotin May Interfere with Pancreatic Cancer Lab