Dr. Clark and his team of researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Health including medical students, residents, fellows, statisticians, and data scientists are exploring how we recover after surgery. His team is focused on answering the common questions: How long before I can drive again? Will I need someone to help around the house? When can I lift my grandchildren?

Currently, surgeons provide vague responses to these questions. We have a good idea about the risk and benefits of an operation. We can tell you with good confidence if you will need to spend time in the ICU, need a blood transfusion, or even how likely you will develop a wound infection in the next 30 days. However, we struggle with answering practical questions valued by our patients.

In recent years, Dr. Clark has led studies investigating concepts of frailty, mobility, ambulation, and postoperative recovery. These studies have been reported at national meetings and published in leading journals. Current studies are using small wearable devices (Fitbit, Kenz Lifecorder) and novel real-time tracking systems to understand how people move in the hospital. We are now being to understand how YOU will recover after surgery. We are now entering an era of personalized medicine. Soon, we will be able to given YOU a reliable answer to the fundamental questions of functional recovery after surgery.

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Expanding Our Understanding of Functional Recovery after Surgery
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